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The Spa-Francorchamps race is one of the world's most popular among both race car drivers and fans.

The race was completely redesigned in 1979 to correspond to the safety standards of the world's other great automobiles races, in particular, the Formula One. The present track is 7,395 km long.
The track is highly technical, alternating between straight lines and rapid curves. Due to its high-speed winding turns, very slow loop (La Source), and famous « Raidillon » (Eau Rouge), this track offers sensations unknown on other tracks, to both drivers and spectators.

The weather in Belgium is sometimes as surprising as the races. Thus, it may be raining on one part of the track while the rest of the track is still dry. But whatever the weather, to many people, the track is still « One of the world's most beautiful race tracks ».

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World Drivers' Championship 2015
1. L. Hamilton (Mercedes)
2. N. Rosberg (Mercedes)
3. S. Vettel (Ferrari)